CalFIRE’s California Forest Improvement Plan •
Here you can read about funding for writing a Stewardship Plan as a private landowner.
Ecology Center • 
The Berkeley organization where our Board Member Kirk worked for over 20 years has a website with many useful links, information, and fact sheets on sustainable farming & farmers’ markets, least/non-toxic pest control, plastics, green building, recycling, etc. at Though much of their organizational energy is taken up with their urban ecology projects, one of the services they offer is that they will take any environmental question from anyone anywhere. If they know they answer they will give it to, or research to find the answer, or refer you someone they believe knows the answer. HOTLINE & HELP DESK HOURS: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–6pm, PHONE: 510-548-2220 x233, EMAIL:
Eel River Recovery Project • ERRP
Fellow denizens of the Willits Hub, ERRP educates the local citizenry about fish, creek health and temperature, and best cannabis cultivation techniques throughout the Eel River watershed. They have facilitated Friends of Outlet Creek (FOC) being able to do creek monitoring both of Outlet Creek (a major tributary of the Eel River) and some of the creeks that run through Willits and into Outlet Creek. Their “Willits Go Wild” campaign field trips and talks have been a great source for local creek understanding and inspiration. Like FOC they receive some of their funding through the Trees Foundation.
EPIC • Environmental Protection Information Center • 
A community based, non-profit organization that advocates for science-based protection and restoration of Northwest California’s Forests. EPIC was founded in 1977 when local residents came together to successfully end aerial applications of herbicides by industrial logging companies in Humboldt County. Their work played an important role in bringing the plight of the Headwaters Forest to the world’s attention during the 1990s. They remain one of Northern California’s most important environmental advocacy groups with their areas of focus including industrial forestry reform, public land conservation, and biodiversity protection.
Friends of the Eel River •

For many years they have been fighting to preserve and stop the worst abuses of the Eel River and remain very active and important. There are currently hearings and studies being conducted that might lead to the realization of one FOER’s long term goals, the removal for the two dams that are part of the PG&E owned Potter Valley Project that divert water from the Eel River to the Russian River.

Mendocino Environmental Center • MEC •      

Has a physical location in Ukiah (106 West Standley Street, Ukiah, California 95482), runs the KMEC radio station at 105.1 on the FM dial, has a Facebook page, and a monthly newsletter (MEC Notes) with “updates from our environmental and social justice community" mostly focussed on Mendocino County. It’s mission statement: "The Mendocino Environmental Center (MEC) works through educational outreach, nonviolent direct action and the legal system to uphold and promote environmental and social justice in Mendocino County and beyond. The MEC is a resource center, which offers support to grass roots community groups and empowers individuals to work for positive change. The MEC networks with a politically and socially diverse community, encouraging integrity, tolerance, non violence and a sustainable future."

Mendocino Wildlife Association • 

National Resource Conservation Services •

Th EQIP program funds restoration work.

Redwood Nation Earth First! •    P.0. Box 219, Bayside, CA  95524
Continues to be on the more radical edge of environmental activism. It’s Mendocino County focus is on ending the “hack’n’squirt” practices of the Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC).
Salmonid Restoration Federation Eel River
is a tremendous resource for those who want to dive more deeply into understanding the current state of our fish populations. They have several yearly events and conferences that all align with their mission to promote the restoration and stewardship of California's native salmon, steelhead, and trout populations.
Trees Foundation •

While the Friends of Outlet Creek remain very thankful to the WEC as our first fiscal sponsor, being under the umbrella of the allows us to receive tax deductible contributions. Trees can be a tremendous help to new environmental organizations or smaller organizations for who it is not worth the hassle to create their own board, bylaws, and structure to become incorporated as a nonprofit. The projects that Trees offer a fiscal umbrella to are doing inspiring work that people can join, help fund, or emulate. The main draw back for Friends of Outlet Creek with Trees is that they don’t fund litigation. Their offices are in Garberville and they publish a quarterly magazine, Forest & River News."

WELL • Willits Economic Localization •