The Willits Environmental Center was founded in the Summer of 1990 by a group of Willits area residents who wanted their long-standing commitment to the protection of the natural environment of this area to have a physical presence in Willits... a center that would offer educational materials, meeting space, be a hub for exchanging ideas and initiating activities, a social gathering place for people sharing a vision of what our community might be; and so the WEC was born.

We became a 501(c)(4) corporation in the Fall of 1990. This means that we are a non-profit corporation free to engage in most political activities. For this reason, donations to the WEC are not tax deductible.

Some of WEC's accomplishments:

bringing  "Walkable Community" concepts to Willits

building local support for Wilderness protection on public lands

championing a 2-lane Willits by-pass

helping defend the Wild and Scenic Eel River

Please help us to do more.